4X-23 tutorials

Hi all,

I hope this is the right place to ask but I'm new to filament winding and recently set up a 4X-23 unit. I wanted to know if there's a guide on how to set up the winder, going from calibration, fiber loading, to g-code execution and how the designer and executor softwares interface with one another. Tall ask, but any information on any of these topics would greatly help.


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  • have you seen the x-winder YouTube Channel, lots of stuff there:

    particularly this video on the 4X-23:


    and the channel here:


    • Thanks for the reference, I'll go watch this. Is there a section on how to mount the fibers on the winder? I'm trying to go based off of intuition but my fibers keep slipping off/untensioning when the winds start.

    • There is a "tailoring" process that is described in that video to optimize the DH movement so that does not happen. 

    • Right, but is there a tutorial on how to actually wrap the fiber around the rollers/posts for tensioning? Thanks.

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