Hi all,

Has anyone interfaced the winding software CADWIND successfully to the Xwinder? I'm having issues where the g-code that CADWIND exports causes very staggered machine movements and often times is very short. Any help would be appreciated.


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  • CADWIND will not work with X-Winder. X-Winder uses its own software that is sold with the X-Winder filament winder. Likewise, Other winders will not work with the X-Winder software. If you are trying to create special capabilities with the X-Winder, first use the X-Winder Designer software to create a G-Code file, then edit that G-Code file and read that modified file directly into the X-WInder Executor software which will operate the X-Winder filament winder with the modified G-Code.

    • Thanks for letting me know. So then if I wanted to run the g-code CADWIND exports, I'd essentially have to rewrite it in the Xwinder Designer software?


    • I'm not sure what you mean Ken, but X-Winder only understands X-Winder G-Code or modifications thereto.

    • I was going to basically just copy and paste the g-code CADWIND exports and paste it into the X-winder however I tried that and it still gave the same result. I'll just go ahead and use the Designer software, thank you!


    • Hello Mr. Hendrawan. Did you succeed with the use of CADWIND software to create X-winder readable programs? Thank you

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