Carbon tow size

I will start using the X-winder with my students. I wish to make very simple parts , with is the esiest tow size to use, I saw some 3 to 6 avalaible, other size are more difficult to have.

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  • Turner Hunt is correct. I bought some 24K to try out and its giving me a hasle. I recommend this one thats $18 the pound. Its the one named 12K T700 Carbon Tow.

    Composites Tow / Thread
  • 6K carbon fiber filament works fine so does 12 K. If you go much above 12 K carbon fiber filament, like 24K, then the filament doesn’t necessarily go on like a nice flat ribbon because it gets bunched up a bit in the delivery head. Do you want the filament to go on the mandrel Like a nice flat ribbon, and your surface finish will be that much better.

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