Carbon tow size

I will start using the X-winder with my students. I wish to make very simple parts , with is the esiest tow size to use, I saw some 3 to 6 avalaible, other size are more difficult to have.

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  • This is going to be a tube correct?

  • Turner Hunt is correct. I bought some 24K to try out and its giving me a hasle. I recommend this one thats $18 the pound. Its the one named 12K T700 Carbon Tow.

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  • 6K carbon fiber filament works fine so does 12 K. If you go much above 12 K carbon fiber filament, like 24K, then the filament doesn’t necessarily go on like a nice flat ribbon because it gets bunched up a bit in the delivery head. Do you want the filament to go on the mandrel Like a nice flat ribbon, and your surface finish will be that much better.

    • Hi, our student rocketry team just got the 4x-34 x winder & we were looking to wind large parts. These parts would be a little under .4m in diameter and over a meter in length. When we went through the designer software we saw it would take over a day to wind the layers we needed. Would you still recommend against a higher filament count? Or what recommendations would you have to wind mandrels that big?

    • First off you can no longer wind in 3 axis mode, which I am going to beg turner hunt to bring it back. You will have to modify the four axis delivery head to have additional rollers to prevent fiber slippage.

      Since you have the four axis you can most definitely wind with a 24K filament. For a part that large, you definitely want that wider tow.

    • We were able to find some 50k from zoltek but we didn't want to buy it and not work for us. I think we might just get a range of tow in small quantities then make the decision afterwards.

    • I have done some tests on 24K. The concave roller delivery head on the four axis allows for such a wider tow to be used. As for 50K, I'd dare not go that far.

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