Detached:phidgetStepper Phidget

Detached:phidgetStepper Phidget

Dear sir/madam,

 please anybody let me know how I should handle this error

Error is like that

“Detached:phidgetStepper Phidget

Bipolar Stepper Controller 1-motor 507314202”


This error occurs frequently,


Thanks, and best regards



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  • The X-Winder ships with an un-powered USB hub. Some PCs do not provide enough thru the USD socket to power this USB Hub. If you purchase a powered USB Hub for about $15 USD this will solve your "Detached" issue.

  • Hi Waseem,

    The axis control board has discconnected from the USB hub. Some PCs do not provide enough electrical power from the USB socket to power the USB hubs shipped with the X-Winder. To completely avoid this issue, purchase a $10 powered USB hub and use that instead.



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