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I recently purchased the 4 Axis X-Winder and have been attempting to run dry trails to ensure that the X-winder functions properly. I have gone through the set-up wizard and ensured everything is set-up correctly. Now the issue I am running into stems from when I open the X-Winder Executer software. The rotary, linear motors will connect without issue but the carriage and mandrel motor will "blink" and display this error. 


DETACHED: PhidgetStepper Phidget Bipolar Stepper Controller


Sometimes it's just the carriage motor and sometimes it's both. Whenever this error occurs I am unable to rotate said motors. Now I did the recommended thing and purchased a powered USB hub for the X-Winder however this has not solved the issue. Any advice would be great. Thank you in advance.

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  • It's probably your USB hub. You need a USB hub that gets power from a wall socket or better yet plug all USB cables directly into your PC. 

    • The X-Winder came with a powered USB hub and each time I take a trial I ensure that it is being powered via the wall socket and not my laptop first.

    • Nicholas D. Crowder Turner Hunt Is there a resolution to this? I am having the same problem. Was it really the USB hub?

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