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I recently purchased the 4 Axis X-Winder and have been attempting to run dry trails to ensure that the X-winder functions properly. I have gone through the set-up wizard and ensured everything is set-up correctly. Now the issue I am running into stems from when I open the X-Winder Executer software. The rotary, linear motors will connect without issue but the carriage and mandrel motor will "blink" and display this error. 


DETACHED: PhidgetStepper Phidget Bipolar Stepper Controller


Sometimes it's just the carriage motor and sometimes it's both. Whenever this error occurs I am unable to rotate said motors. Now I did the recommended thing and purchased a powered USB hub for the X-Winder however this has not solved the issue. Any advice would be great. Thank you in advance.

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  • I am having absolutely no luck with this thing.  As soon as I solve one problem, two other pop up to replace it.  Now when positioning manually the position register does not update.

    It feels like the USB is not playing nice with the machine.  Timings or whatever.  I unplug one the cables, move it to another port and it works, momentarily.

    I think it's important we share these experiences so we can help each other.  

  • I'm also on my second powered USB hub and having the same problem. Replacing the controller Board fixed the problem initially, but now a different axis is having the same problem. To determine if the board or motor is the issue I plugged the cables from the problematic axis into a different axis board and tested operation with manual operation mode. If the motor turns it's probably the axis board.  I only have like 10 hours or so of operation on the machine so I'm surprised that the Boards are failing. There is quite a lot of good information on the axis Board from the manufacturer and a control panel app for the controller at the link below that might be helpful.

     Troubleshooting phidget controller

    PhidgetStepper Bipolar HC - 1067_0B at Phidgets
    Accurately control one bipolar stepper motor with this controller. This board comes with a number of safety features.
  • I am on my 2nd POWERED USB port.  No dies.  I saw somewhere else someone was having "luck" with software version 4.16.  What am I supposed to do now?

  • did you try using a different USB cable ?

  • most likely your USB hub or a bad USB cable. If possible, plug all USB cables directly into PC. If you have to use a hub, use a powered HUB that we shipped

  • It's probably your USB hub. You need a USB hub that gets power from a wall socket or better yet plug all USB cables directly into your PC. 

    • The X-Winder came with a powered USB hub and each time I take a trial I ensure that it is being powered via the wall socket and not my laptop first.

    • Nicholas D. Crowder Turner Hunt Is there a resolution to this? I am having the same problem. Was it really the USB hub?

    • Nicholas D. Crowder Turner Hunt Adding onto this thread after a while, any resolves? I encountered the same issue. Thanks.

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