DH Linear Problem // "C too slow for G5 move" Error


I am using the 4.16 version. As the carrier reaches the left and right ends of the mandrel, the DH does not advance to the left or right DH advance point. It stays at the DH Offset from mandrel surface. After the [CW ELLIPSE AT LEFT END] move, I then get the error shown above. This repeats until I stop the wind. However, if I pause the wind at either end during the wind, after a minute or so, the DH will advance to said point. 

If anyone has any comments or suggestion, please let me know :)

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  • See attached - please revise your dimensions. You need to give more time for the DH to withdraw itself from its most forward position (this is the source of the "too slow" error). Also, on the "detached" USB problem, replace your un-powered USB hub with a powered USB hub - this should cost about $15 at the PC store. 



  • Pleae respond to this with a screen shot of the Designer software showing the dimensioned measurements of the mandrel. Its possible that the fore/aft distance of the DH is very short or very long causing ther "too slow" error message - its also possible that you need to slow down the RPM on the mandrel or the linear speed of the carriage.

    • We were able to do a dry run fine on these dimensions. I am not sure what would make the change. I will try the RPM and let you know what happens. Thanks! 


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