Not enough Tension

The pre-preg tow I'm working with requires a min. of 10 lb tension per tow (according to the manufacturer). I've tightened the velcro strap as much as I can but it only holds up to 3.5lbs of tension. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

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  • We once made measurements for fibre tension and reached a maximum of 12N (~2.6lbs). However, in our setup, we could have tightened the velcro strap a little more and additionally the strap was placed on the plastic spool holder. So, I assume you cannot get enough friction to the reel either. At least in our case we never had problems with stalling of stepper motors.

    To increase the tension we're thinking of a self-made brake, sort of a disk or similar which could be spring-loaded with a friction partner, real brake-pad or similar. Because of the aluminum profiles this could be easily attached and with the spring one can easily adjust fibre tension.

  • Does one of the stepper motors fai (stall)l at 3.5 lb tension, or do you mean you can't get enough friction on the reel for more than 3.5lbs tension ?

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