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  • For anyone that wants to work with the 3-Axis-No-Wrap mode (even after reading Turner's comment) you can use versión v4.17 where that option is available. 

  • In version 4.22 of the X-Winder software, we have removed 3-axis winding because it has not produced good results. We have added 2-Axis winding as a replacement and you need the 2X-Delivery head for 4-Axis winder to accomplish 2-Axis winding on the 4-Axis X-Winder. This  2X-Delivery head for 4-Axis now ships with any new 4-Axis X-Winder. I'm also attaching a PDF of how this  2X-Delivery head for 4-Axis installs on the 4-Axis winder.3701661004?profile=RESIZE_930x

    2X Delivery Head for 4-axis Winder
    Shop now for desktop filament winding machines for less than $5000. 2 and 4-Axis filament winders, parts and supplies. We speak composites!
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