Carriage calibration 4X-23

Hi all.

We have a 4X-23 X-Winder. At step 4 of the Setup wizard, we have the issue that the carriage don't move towards the limit switch after pressing the button "Go to the limit switch". Without this calibration the values of the z axis aren't correct. By manual moving the carriage (z axis) left means moving away from the limit switch, right is towards the limit switch. I think this is the way the carraige should move. Do anyone has an idea to solve this problem?

Furthermore, there is no calibration of DH Linear and DH Rotary. Is this right?

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  • Hi,

    Did you ever get an answer to your question?

    I have the same question.



    • Hi.

      No, I didn't get any answer from X winder directly. I know from the distributor in Switzerland, that there is a new software release which should clear the problem. But, the new software release just remove the calibration of the z axis and there is a new failure regarding the amperage of the stepper motor.

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