Control Boards Not Connected

We recently upgraded the PC our X-Winder was connected to, and we're running into an issue.  Whenever we try to run Executor, it throws an error stating some control boards aren't attached. 

We have a 2 axis setup.  As far as I know, everything is setup the exact same as on the old PC.  It was previously on Windows 7, now on Windows 10.  We also noticed the power supply was weak, and thought upgrading it would help, but no luck.

The mandrel and carriage axes are connected, and we didn't need anything else on the old system.















Any input is appriciated!

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  • I've experienced the same issue; changed my USB hub to one that was powered externally and used the older software version 4.16, everything works fine now. Latest software doesn't seem to work well with the 4-axis machine; it kept forgetting the settings for the DH Linear motor.

  • I am having a similar issue with connecting to the X-winder using a USB hub. I have a Sabrent 4 port USB hub ( to power the X-winder. However, when attempting to control manually I get the error that says no control boards are attached. I know that there is no issue in any other connections or the software as when plugging each motor directly to my laptop I am able to operate the X-winder one motor at a time. Any help will be appreciated! Thank you. 


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  • Hi everyone, 

    Does anyone find how to solve this problem ? 

    I get the same error with my computer (Windows 7), and all the USB connections work. 


  • Ok.  I have been figuring this out over the last few days (if you haven't figured it out already). 

    My windows 10 laptop recognised all the boards just fine and was able to run, so I knew there was no issue with the controllers.

    I then setup my CNC computer (running windows 7) to do the same....and one board did not work for some reason.  I tried uninstalling/reinstalling/updating windows etc. etc.

    After a few hours of mucking around I found in device manager it came up with the one board in "other devices" (it looked something like "1010_1").  I went to properties of that device and clicked on update driver (search automatically from internet).  It found the usb driver and everything worked fine.

    If this helps fanstastic...if not then back to the drawing board.

    • Still no luck.

      I went through Device Manager and updated pretty much everything.  Also got an externally powered USB Hub, but didn't make any difference.

    • Have you isolated which controller box is not communicating?  To update my drivers and check communication I only plugged in the individual contol box directly to the computer. Disconnect everything else that you possibly can. Keep the usb cable as short as possible to further eliminate any possible degradation of signal strength.

      Remove all the usb drivers for the control boxes before plugging it in. Then plug it in and see if it does anything.


  • Very strange... I have not encountered this problem yet with my machine.  Have you tried uninstalling/reinstalling the software? Something isn't talking properly and it sounds like it's the software.

    • I've tried

      • Uninstalling, rebooting, then reinstalling
      • Running as admin
      • Running from an admin account
      • Installing the software on a different Win10 PC

      When looking in Device Manager, I select "Show Hidden Devices", but nothing sticks out.  Any idea what the name of the driver is that I need to install/update?

  • We are getting the same thing.  It'a a new laptop but still Windows 7.  And yes, we checked the device manager and they are working.  In fact, when you go into settings, you can operate the motors in one of the dialog boxes.  Software problem?

  • Hi,

    Are your control boards showing up as devices in Windows device manager? If they are all there then there is an issue else where.  If they do not show up then there is a problem with your usb connections.

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