Nicholas D. Crowder commented on Nicholas D. Crowder's blog post DETACHED: PhidgetStepper Phidget Bipolar Stepper Controller
"The X-Winder came with a powered USB hub and each time I take a trial I ensure that it is being powered via the wall socket and not my laptop first."
Mar 29
Turner Hunt commented on Nicholas D. Crowder's blog post DETACHED: PhidgetStepper Phidget Bipolar Stepper Controller
"It's probably your USB hub. You need a USB hub that gets power from a wall socket or better yet plug all USB cables directly into your PC. "
Mar 25
Turner Hunt commented on Ethan Feinstein's blog post XWinder Software
"You'll need to provide your original order number to re-download the X-Winder software. Software is only sold with new winders."
Mar 17
Marc Biener replied to Alastair Barnett's discussion Rotate Mandrel in CCW direction
"Hi Vernon,
i try to realize a similar application. Can you send me the C-Code of this winding shown in the Video? Would be great.
My Mail is: marc.biener(at)
Mar 9
Agustin Canalis commented on waseem's blog post using4x-34 for 3Axis mode wining
"For anyone that wants to work with the 3-Axis-No-Wrap mode (even after reading Turner's comment) you can use versión v4.17 where that option is available. "
Feb 24
Agustin Canalis replied to Javier de la Puente's discussion Some Help configuring X-winder
"For posterity. I'm running the "Set up Wizard" in the X-Winder Executor v4.17. The changes I make in the wizard (max Amps, gearing ratio) are not saved and the default values are used. This is a problem because I have a non-standard gearing ratio of…"
Feb 24
Guilherme Rinzler commented on Guilherme Rinzler's blog post Fiber glass rovings tows
"Vinicius,  Entre em contato comigo na Zasso Brasil para conversarmos como podemos nos ajudar mutuamente.  Estamos localizados em Indaiatuba e estamos iniciando a montagem do equipamento agora.
Feb 8
Vinícius Macagnani commented on Guilherme Rinzler's blog post Fiber glass rovings tows
"Olá Guilherme tudo bem ? 
Eu comprei uma X Winder recentemente para iniciar um projeto pessoal, mas não consigo usar a máquina de jeito nenhum, também uso fibra de vidro com rolo de desenrolarem interno, mas meu problema ainda nem é esse, eu não…"
Feb 7
Fredrik Reichel replied to Agustin Canalis's discussion [Meta] Proposal: Keep only the Forum
"Fully agree!  We are in urgent need of knowledge sharing from other users.
We also have our own experiences/knowledge and improvements to share with our 4 axis and 16" mandrel 34 motor upgrades."
Feb 1
Scott replied to Chase's discussion Variable Winding Angle? Cone Formation
"its been a while but i can certainly try to help you out with that, email me at and i will certianly do what I can "
Nov 11, 2020
Nicholas Diamond replied to Chase's discussion Variable Winding Angle? Cone Formation
"HI Scott,
Are you still winding nosecones with your XWinder? Our rocket team is about to tackle this challenge and are hoping to get some advice from someone who has been there before.
Nov 11, 2020
Turner Hunt commented on Mayank Gautam's blog post Connecting 2 Motors for Simultaneously Winding of 2 Mandrels
"Mayank - As you know, the X-Winder is a highly modifiable filament winding machine and you could add a second mandrel above the main mandrel by extending the vertical mandrel posts. You could gear the second mandrel to the firest mandrel and only…"
Nov 10, 2020
Bruce Theriault PE replied to Nicholas Finch's discussion Improved glue squeege , mandrel, roving system
"We are a web tension control solution provider and some of your clients are asking about tension control for the tows feeding your applicator “heads”.  One client says he needs up to 100N of tension but I am trying to confirm if that is a valid…"
Oct 7, 2020
RH replied to Maxime Fournier's discussion Software issue
"I've investigated this issue and it appears to be related to the system setting for the decimal separator. The software expects a period (.) to be used instead of a comma. If you just enter a period, this won't work as the software still saves this…"
Jul 20, 2020
RH replied to Alan Moore's discussion Control Boards Not Connected
"I've experienced the same issue; changed my USB hub to one that was powered externally and used the older software version 4.16, everything works fine now. Latest software doesn't seem to work well with the 4-axis machine; it kept forgetting the…"
Jul 17, 2020
Camille Baudichon replied to Camille Baudichon's discussion Error type Mismatch 13 and wrong directions
"Hi Alexander,
Thanks for your answer. I tried to uninstall et re-install the software but it did not work as planned... I am using the 4axis machine as a 2 axis machine and I thought maybe the problem was coming from one of the connections to the…"
Jul 13, 2020