Issues with 4th axis

Hi there

i just assambled the Xwinder and startet runnig some tests.

Now there are some issues with die DHR axis. Firstly on the drawings tabbed ring for locating the axis seems to be at a 45° angl towards the roller which isn't possible if the holes a drilled in the correct location. In the 4 axis videos it seems to be like a 90° angle.

which one is correct?

Ignoring that i started some dry runs and noticed that the rotation of the 4th axis on both sides of the Mandrel isn't the same. According to the g-code the roller should be parallel to the Mandrel on both sides. Well thats not the case its off on the left side by 10-20°.

Read in another post using mm not Inch could be the reason. 

Any suggestiones?

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  • 20161215_110516.jpg?width=721Ok figured a few things out now

    The reason for most of my problems is the DHR Stepper losing steps. Mainly due to high friction. After a lot of fiddling and sanding I was able to reduce the friction quite a bit. 

    Took a while until I found out that the edge of the nuts were rubbing on locking ring. A bit of filing took care of this.

    But still every 10 passes or so I still loose a few steps, enough for like 10°. I also noticed that the teeth on the plastic gear are not cut straight . 

    • Make sure that you have 1,8 amps going to the motor.

  • Hello

    I guess you could try if your delivery head is really 0 deg when the software thinks that it is in 0 deg.You can test it out by manually driving the rotaryhead to limit switch then to 0 deg. It should be horizontal at 0 deg

    and also i think the tab should be 90deg referred to delivery head.


    • Thats what i have done now and looks ok

      but there is still the misalignment issue when the carriage is on the left side. haven't tried setting up my winding schedule in inch 

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