No Movement from the X-Winder Motors

We are having trouble getting any sort of response from the motors in the 4-Axis Model 4X-23 Winder, such as the ones that move the mandrel and the carriage. When connecting our computer to the USB hub that houses the connections to the control boards, we get the green light showing that we do have a positive connection to the hardware, however the motors do not begin to idle and do not receive any commands in the executor. We have correctly matched the Board ID#'s from previous uses of the X-winder, but still receive no movement from the motors. The motors were repaired over the summer because performance was lacking, but we have not had the opportunity to break down the motors and inspect. 

Wondering if anyone else has encountered this problem, and looking for any advice. Thanks!

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  • Hello Oskar,

    we've had a similar problem during setup, our mandrel and carriage motor only started buzzing but received no movement. We finally ended up in removing the endplate of the motors to get them running. More details in my previous post:


    Hope that helps ;)

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