Delivery Head Retraction

Dear all,

I am attempting to run a 4-Axis hemi-spherical dome wind and have encountered an issue with the retraction of the delivery head (Y-axis linear  displacement) at the end of each pass. 

The first initial pass appears successful, however, once progressing to the second pass the delivery head retracts too far to produce a greater offset distance from mandrel. This retracted offset increases sequentially each pass, for example on the first pass I have a delivery head off set of 'n' (desired), the second pass has an offset of '2n' (undesired), third pass '3n' etc. The G-code used shows a consistent delivery head retraction request (E and J commands). 

There's a lot of frictional resistance when moving the delivery head linearly in and out, which I'm concerned is contrbuting to this issue. Has anyone else encountered this issue? 

Any feedback or suggestions are much appreciated. 


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  • Hi Henry,

    Several points:

    (1) DH Linear Friction: On the friction in the DH linear, you can adjust the width of the 4 carriage vertical posts using several means like the small cross bar with oval screw holes on each end (look at the assembly diagrams page titled "Upper Carriage (2-Axis)" and locate the Carriage H-bar. This bar can be screwed into the tops of the carriage vertical posts to slightly adjust the width of the posts and thereby reduce/increase the friction in the DH linear bar.) - they are oval fior exactly this purpose.

    (2) DH Linear Position: The forward position of the DH and the rearward position of the DH as it advances and retracts during a winding should always be at the same position for the entire winding. I'm not sure what this is all about, but perhaps you could send a short video or post to YT so we can see this behavior. You should try the "Trace" button before an actual winding and the DH will do 4 stops to show you where it will be going and at what positions, after each stop, press the continue button to go to the next stop. Also, send you G-Code and design file to and we can have a look at that also.



    • Hi Turner,

      Thanks for your points above. The issue stopped when I re-installed the older software version (I shall send a video if the issue returns with the latest software re-installed). 

      I also have a query regarding the CE safety rating for the machine. The power supply is clearly marked with a CE label but I'm not sure if this applies to the motors/the entire machine. If not approved to CE standards, what equivalent standards has it been rated to (e.g US )?



    • Dear henry, I am also facing the same problem. but in my case delivery head move forward fafter some time and eventually tends to hit the mandrel. i am using latest software from the xwinderwebsite.which version you are using?

      Any tips to resolve the issue.


    • Hi Henry,

      We hope to release version 4.21 by Aug 23 that will address this issue and others. I'll let you know when new software build is available.



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