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"Hi Turner,
Thanks for your points above. The issue stopped when I re-installed the older software version (I shall send a video if the issue returns with the latest software re-installed). 
I also have a query regarding the CE safety rating for the…"
Jul 29, 2019
Henry James posted a blog post
Dear all,I am attempting to run a 4-Axis hemi-spherical dome wind and have encountered an issue with the retraction of the delivery head (Y-axis linear  displacement) at the end of each pass. The first initial pass appears successful, however, once…
Jul 9, 2019
Henry James replied to Henry James's discussion 4-Axis Set-up
"Hi Aaron, 
Thanks for the advice! It was in the end partly the setup dimensions and partly the DH belt assembly. "
Jul 9, 2019
Henry James posted a discussion
Hi all,I'm currently trying to set-up a trial run of the 4X-23. I've successfully run the 2x demo G-script using the 2X settings, however, I'm having issues when trialling the 4X demo script. When running the 4X script the machine correctly re-posit…
Jun 20, 2019
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Jun 20, 2019