Executor stuck at G2 command


I'm doing a single layer wind and I've noticed that the Executor gets stuck at the first G2 CW ellipse at left end. Only the mandrel keeps rotating but all other movements stop. The last total mandrel rotation is 366 degrees but it far surpasses that. Are there any others with this issue? My total run time is supposed to be ~10 minutes and I've seen that it is stuck on this line for more than 80% of the total run time.



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  • I am having the same issue, except with v4.22 but the exact line it gets stuck at changes each time. At our most recent wind, the X-Winder executer was showing a phi of 1500 before we stopped the wind

  • Are you running v4.25 or v4.18 of the X-Winder software ? Go to menu item Help, then about

    • I have the 4.18 software.


    • I have the same problem with v4.18 software. 

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