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configuration file

Hi, all.

Got 2axis and 4 axis windr. 2axis one is running on of th first software version and in it's directory there is config file i can manualy edit (basicy making changes does not need to use Wizard).
In 4 axis with software 4.25 can't finde such f

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Used X Winder for sale?

Hello everyone,


I am interested in aquireing one X Winder, it does not matter

if it is a 2 or 4 DOF I just would like to see how it works.


If you have one that you have no need for anymore, please

drop me a note.





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X-Winder CAD Files

I am currently working on a project in an undergradate research role. We are working closely with X-Winder products, and I was hoping I could find a model of any X-Winder series to use in a simulation. I would love to use the whole assembly, but only

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